Facts about Franciscan Beliefs

The first order of the Friars Minor is commonly referred to as the Franciscans.  It is a very religious order who have their origins from Francis of Assisi. The official name is Ordo Fratrum Minorum.  Here are some of the interesting facts about franciscan beliefs or Franciscan Order.


St. Francis of Assisi was very much influenced by Mathew 10:9 in the year 1209. It had so much impact that he sold everything he had and lived in poverty from then. He started to beg in the streets and wore only brown garments. After some time he began preaching repentance, and many joined him. One of the famous personalities who joined his was Bernard of Quintavalle. He was very famous and a prominent personality in the Assisi.  One of the important rules of Francis is to become poor and live life in poverty.


Pope Leo X brought some major changes in the Franciscan Order in the fifteenth century.  It is because of this the Franciscan order was divided into many branches. These branches were formed because they were not able to accept the reforms by the pope. The Franciscans during the time of split suffered a lot both religiously and politically.  This was also the time of the French Revolution and German secularization.


There are three orders in Franciscans. These orders also had subdivisions.  The First order includes three main branches. They are Franciscans or Observant.  They are religious order of men. The second is the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.  The third is the Order of Minor Conventuals.

The second order has just one group. It is called the Order of St. Clare. It is a group of religious women.

The third order has two branches. They are The Secular Franciscans and the Third Order Franciscans. They are not religious brothers, sisters or priests.

History of older organizations

It was in the year 1525 that a group of Franciscans wanted to live life with more strict rules than what Francis of Assisi preached and followed. They had a very strong belief that it was the intention and the future plan of Francis himself. They were the Capuchins.

The Conventuals is the group that is very much based on the life and teachings of St. Maximilian.  This group has a very strong presence in Poland.

The saints

Some of the important saints in Franciscan beliefs include Anthony of Padua, Bonaventure, Padre Pio, Joseph Cupertino, Angela of Foligno, Maxmillan Kolbe and Anges of Assisi.


The most important Charisms is Poverty. Poverty is not just about being in a state without money. They beg and refuse to save money for the future. They own nothing more than a few clothes. At the same time, they also work for the betterment of the lives of the poor.


The major part of the Franciscan way of living is the life of penance that includes deeds like prayer, fasting, and giving. Their works majorly consist of living life with the poor. Their main focus is to serve the poor and the need by living their lives.